Jacobean Crewelwork

The first project for the RSN C&D, this design was inspired by the colors and motifs of Jaipur, India.

The second project is underway!
Silk Shading

Coming soon!


Coming soon!

Royal School of Needlework Certificate & Diploma

Based at Hampton Court Palace, the RSN has been at the forefront of embroidery education and design since its inception in 1878. These are the projects I have created as I work towards the Certificate & Diploma.

18th Century Stomacher

This is a recreation of an Italian silk stomacher, currently housed in the Kent State collection.

Ecclesiastical Stole

This design was created based on a carving in St Melangell's Church, Pennant Melangell, Wales.

Henley Royal Regatta Hat

I created this hat for a friend: the navy blue netting draws on the shape of waves while the beading and pearls emulate the whitecaps and froth of moving water.

Personal Commissions

These are a selection of the embroidery commissions I have created over the past few years, ranging from ecclesiastical stoles to wedding ring pillows.